Logitech Shifter Adapter Instructions

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Getting started

  1. Connect your shifter to the 9 pin port of the adapter
  2. Plug the USB cable to the adapter and your PC
  3. Wait for Windows to detect the device
  4. Test in game


To performance the full calibration:

1. Unplug adapter's USB cable

2. Download and open the software from ‘Downloads‘

3. Hold a button on the device

4. Plug USB cable back

5. Release the button and refresh the software list

6. Select proper COM Port (the one that appears after refreshing)

7. Select English language by clicking the flag

8. Perform the full calibration and follow steps on the screen

9. Close the software, settings will save automatically

10. Test it in game or in Windows control panel


My PC doesn’t recognise the device and shows error

  • Try different USB Cable

My game detects gear 3 when shifter is on gear 1 etc.

  • Calibrate your device

Calibration software tells the COM port is not responding.

  • Make sure you hold the button on the adapter when plugging it